Ideas to keep the little ones busy so you can teach the older ones in peace.

One of the things i’m enjoying is being at home with my preschooler and son in KG; they are really enjoying all the attention being lavished on them and being able to see us all day long with no long wait until we reach home from school. However they want to be involved and take part in lessons; last week I entertained them with dot-to-dot’s and colour by number printed from the internet but they’re getting a bit tired of that so I remembered an old favourite of ours when we had a sand a water table –sensory bins.

One of my main intentions in this blog is to make sure that the activities I choose are cheap or freely available so although we don’t have the sand table any more we can easily use a plastic tray of some sort and any props you find around the house. Take household objects like plastic bottles, cups, measuring spoons, funnels and get a plastic tray or box, fill it with sand or water and let them play, yes it will make a bit of a mess but it will give them practice with their gross motor skills. Those more adventurous families can even mix the two together but I don’t recommend it on the first day(!)

Get the children to practise writing by making lines in the water or sand. Each time you use the bins you can add certain toys like dinosaurs one or farm animals the next, be creative and add little props to make it more fun for the children. Let them make scenarios and you can let them create a story- it all leads to their development.

Another way to use them is to hide ‘a special object’ and they have to find it; all the while you will notice their language skills improving, their hands will manipulate the sand or water and they will probably even try to eat it – don’t get annoyed at them, this is all a normal part of growing and developing.

You can also use pasta, rice and lentils to change out the texture once they’ve had enough of the sand or water, just be sure to put some kind of cloth under the bin to collect it all or you’ll be finding grains of rice for weeks later! You can also put some pasta or rice in empty plastic bottles and give them wooden spoons and cooking pans to make music to change up the activity.

If you have any of those fancy stones you know those packets of painted pebbles we all buy ‘to do something’ with – they’re perfect for this kind of play. Another one that is nice is orbeez but you have to be careful when they squeeze them so hard they pop.

If you want to discover this idea further please do visit this awesome website where she really makes interesting and amazing sensory bins.

Hope you and your little ones enjoy playing with the sensory boxes, please do let me know how it goes in the comments below. (I’ve added affiliate links from amazon to explain what I mean further and buying from these will benefit me at no additional cost to you)

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