Write 3-5 different colours on pieces of paper and then pick one colour each, You have to only eat food of your chosen colour for 24hours…

inspired by the current YouTube challenge

It was not easy!!

We chose the colours at night and then ate breakfast according to our colours jam on toast; orange; cereal and scrambled egg on toast (Yellow was the best colour here!)

We then headed to the supermarket

It was fun choosing all the food and deciding what each other was allowed M was very flexible with us (So we would be flexible with her later she said!) S and A enjoyed grabbing a lot of chocolate as they got Brown and granddad managed to pick up pears and avocado for his greens. We got home all excited and made our lunches.

Orange – Noodles and a fried egg

After lunch Red decided that he wanted to make watermelon juice; Green and Pink got to have some too; but after that Orange (me) decided I had to have coffee so we slowly started to get ‘out’ – most of us failed when the chocolate came out for Brown!! so eventually the next morning Brown was crowned the winner… Play it with your kids and let us know how it went in the comments